Eurocharged Flash Tunes


The ECU software development team at Eurocharged Performance has revolutionized the tuning industry with the most brilliantly engineered software available. Their team of engineers strive for the highest quality software possible, ensuring you the most desirable driving experience imaginable. Now that’s Brilliantly Engineered Software!

Performance ECU software precisely engineered for your engine.  Countless hours were invested into the development of each ECU software and all OEM safety maps remain intact to ensure the highest level of protection.  The most popular features include better throttle response, faster acceleration, removed top speed limiter and an overall better driving experience.

Dimsport MyGenius Handheld Tuner


My Genius is the natural evolution of New Genius, tied to a single, specific vehicle: a device for vehicle’s owners allowing independent serial reading & programming operations. This versatile console allows to store and program up...

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