Help & FAQs

Help & FAQs


Who is Ace Performance?


Advanced Concepts Engineering “ACE Performance” began with a vision to push the envelope in designing and maintaining some of the most unique, performance-oriented cars in the world. Our reputation for excellence and attention to detail in both building and maintaining the unique cars that we produce quickly spread. As a result, ACE expanded its business to bring the same attention to detail and high-level service to all automobiles, be they race cars, tuner cars, or, most importantly, the daily-driven cars that keep us and our families safe. Our customers are our friends, and we strive to ensure that our customers' needs are always met or exceeded.  


What do we specialize in?


Here at ACE, we specialize in anything and everything. We’ll take on any project, from a lightly modified street car with some tuning issues to a full on, race spec car in need of fabrication or heavy engine work, including standalone engine management. Our in-house dyno allows us to tune your car to achieve maximum performance while maintaining the safety and longevity of mechanical parts.

Why go standalone?


There are a myriad of reasons as to why a standalone ECU is the best solution to your tuning issues. From a value standpoint, standalone EMS retains value, and almost always can be retrofitted into different applications (engines, vehicles, car manufacturers). EMS systems statistically hold their value better than any other performance part installed in vehicles because of this. In terms of functionality, nearly every standalone system available has hundreds of features that enable everything from failsafes for various engine functions (overheating RPM limits, oil pressure/temperature limits/cutoffs) to full on electronic throttle control with added features like motorsport traction control, anti-lag, and more. Last but not least, high end EMS include data logging abilities for nearly every conceivable metric, often without the need of additional logging equipment.