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PLEX SDM-550 | Powerful Dash Display & Logger

The new SDM-550® is meant to become the preferred mid-size display & logger for quality driven customers. The built-in 20Hz GNSS module with dead reckoning ensures accurate lap timing even in low signal conditions. Configuration is very fast...

TMAP Sensor weld on adapter fitting


Weld on adapter fitting for adding a Bosch 3 Bar TMAP Sensor - This is a CNC adapter with a threaded bolt hole to secure the Bosch TMAP sensor.  The TMAP sensor is most commonly used pre throttle on Emtron engine management installations...

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Fuel Pressure Sensor Adapter


In line adapter to for a 1/8th NPT sensor - Most commonly used with the AEM PSIg Sensors - Fuel Pressure - The barbs are for 5/16th / 8mm rubber fuel line and the adapter comes with fuel safe clamps.  

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Turbosmart FPR1200-6AN Fuel Pressure Regulator


The FPR1200-6AN fuel pressure regulator is the latest tech from Turbosmart, supporting builds of up to 1200hp on any fuel type including Ethanol.  This is ACE Performance's #1 choice for a fuel pressure regulator as it is compact, easy to mount and...

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AiM MXP 6" Dash & Logger

The AiM MXP Dash and Data logger one of the most comprehensive tools on the market for race analysis. Pared with an engine management system you will know every detail of you vehicle's performance and with programmable alarms you will know when...

AiM SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1

The AiM SmartyCam connects directly with AiM product line up giving you video with graphic overlay of driver information. Review you laps and see how you were braking, your throttle position, and more making it easier to drive fast. Important note:...