Ariel Atom 3

atom3.jpgNo Roof. No Doors. No Compromise.

The Ultimate in Open Motoring.

Proudly manufactured in the United States of America

Every Atom 3 is built to order taking into consideration each client's specific needs – whether that be hitting the local autocross, picking up the pace at high speed track events, or just the joy of pulling into a local car show to talk about the beauty that is an Atom 3.

Uniquely designed, beautifully made, and astonishing performance. The essence of the Atom is no compromise, total driver involvement. The bottom line is stunningly serious fun.

The Atom 3 comes standard with an impressive array of features, including a Honda K24 i-VTEC naturally aspirated engine producing 230bhp, a 6-speed transmission with limited slip differential, Wilwood Dynalite sport brakes, tuned JRi dampers, a full glass windscreen, 5 spoke motorsport wheels and Yokohaman S drive tires.

ACE Performance's team works with each Atom buyer directly to build the Atom as desired.  Clients can choose from an extensive list of options to customize their Atom.  Performance-enhancing options include (but are not limited to) Alcon 4 piston brake calipers with floatings discs, brake bias adjuster, JRi adjustable dampers, a close ratio gearbox, race grade rod ends and upgraded wheels and tires.  Other options include carbon fiber body panels and wings, an aluminum radiator, quick release stearing wheel hub, your choice of color for the chassis and body panels, and various convenience features such as a battery master switch, a 12v power source, and a road racelighting kit.


Ariel Atom 3

ATOM 3 SPECIFICATIONS Note: The Atom 3 has ended production.  Distinctly unique, deceptively fast, stunningly beautiful, an engineering marvel - welcome to the Atom 3, manufactured for North America exclusively by TMI AutoTech, Inc. Every Atom 3...