Ariel Atom 2 Supercharged - Stand alone engine management integration

Posted by NP & BC on 1st Sep 2016

Ariel Atom 2 Supercharged - Stand alone engine management  integration

ACE PERFORMANCE - Ariel Atom 2 Stand Alone Engine Management Integration

ACE Performance, Tewksbury Massachusetts, Northeast Dealer of Ariel Atom, sells and maintains the Ariel Atom brand. ACE also develops custom performance solutions for a variety of brands. Recently, a customer came to us with some very valid concerns about the drivability of an Atom 2 they purchased. This particular car was equipped with a Chevrolet Cobalt SS LSJ supercharged engine and a TVS supercharger upgrade. It is known industry wide that this particular ECU platform (factory) is not the friendliest regarding wild changes to performance modifications. The main issue the customer was complaining about was the fact that the application of power was way too touchy and inconsistent, especially with the powertrain being in a car that was so much lighter than originally intended. Adjusting these parameters is difficult on the factory ECU’s calibration. Our first instinct when we run into the limitations of a factory ECU system is to remove it, but we wanted to validate the need in more than one way, so we brought the car to the dyno to evaluate the car’s current calibration.

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Needless to say, there was inconsistency of over 50hp in 3 pulls with appropriate cooldown. The max runs mixture was off the chart lean, while the other unstable runs were off the chart rich. There was no consistency, with audible knock being heard throughout the runs. The engine was running so badly the factory ECU was opening the bypass at high RPM to protect itself. We did basic diagnostics to ensure all the sensors were functioning properly, and deemed the issue was due to poor calibration as well as a poor choice for a control system.

We replaced the system with a Link G4+ Fury model. We connected nearly ALL of the factory sensors and actuators. Even the factory boost pop off solenoid is connected (with enhanced function now).

The vehicle now supports :

True speed density VE fuel modeling (which functions with the original returnless fuel system) utilizing an appropriately characterized fuel system.

Charge temp approximation (using both original charge temp and the air inlet temp senors)

Closed loop fueling (Fury supports direct control of a modern Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor)

Individual knock detection with windowing (Each cylinder has a knock trim table)

Transient ignition functions

Map switching

Gear detection

Full DBW (drive by wire) control with 3 different maps depending on calculated gear position

Boost by gear functionality

Intercooler pump control

Cooling fan control

Tach and speedo out (Atom uses SPA steering wheel gauge system)

Launch control

Closed loop idle speed control (DBW and Idle Ignition mapping)Fully customized continuous ECU logging

We also enabled the following protection features :

-Variable rev limiter based on engine temperature

-Conditions for boost bypass system (low boost mode - Engine temp, knock level, MAP limit)

-Charge temp protection

-MAP limit

-DBW failsafe (all factory sensors used, as well as supply circuit control)

This on top of the normal “completed” method of our calibrations ensuring no loss of functionality or drivability :

-Corrections for cold start and warmup

-Overrunning fuel cut

-Acceleration enrichment

-Optimal injection timing

The result is correcting of all of the original issues calibration wise, plus providing the customer with a car that can now be completely customized how he see fits from a drivability aspect.

While we don’t tend to advertise guaranteed improvement in peak power and torque, with a proper control system improvements are obvious. The results were consistent and would compensate for a wider range of conditions.


If you have an Ariel Atom 2 and you are experiencing similar issues or would like to update / get the maximum performance out of your Ariel Atom 2 please feel free to reach out to us. You can contact us by email or by phone 978-720-3116.