Data / Gauges / Sensors

AiM MXm Compact Dash & Data Logger

The AiM MXm is a compact dashboard and data logger with integrated GPS and connectivity with engine management systems providing you with important driver information. Features: Integrated GPS and Tracks Programmable Data Layouts Wifi...

AiM Solo 2 / Solo 2 DL

The Solo 2 is a GPS race timer that receives data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass: improving accuracy to a maximum gap of 2/100 sec. AiM software includes a database of over 2,000 tracks for analysing your performance. The Solo 2 and...

AiM MXG 7" Dash & Data Logger

The AiM MXG 1.2 Dash and Data logger one of the most comprehensive tools on the market for race analysis. This is the big guy of the bunch giving the highest screen real estate for displaying as much info as possible. Pared with an engine management...

AiM MXS 5" Dash & Data Logger

The AiM MXS 1.2 Dash and Data logger one of the most comprehensive tools on the market for race analysis. Pared with an engine management system you will know every detail of you vehicle's performance and with programmable alarms you will know when...

Bosch 3 Bar TMAP Sensor


This sensor is the holy grail of speed density engine mapping and is used in most all of our engine management packages. Measure temperature and pressure in the same location for the most accurate air density calculations. Details: Operating...

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OEM Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Sensor


This OEM Bosch LSU 4.9 has been the standard in Wideband technology for many years and is used in all of our Engine Management systems. It can also be used for any LSU 4.9 wideband controller. Details: Length: 3ft

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Air Inlet Temperature "IAT" Sensor Kit


Fast and reliable Air Temp Sensor with 1/8" NPT Male Thread Included: High Performance DTM Connector Aluminum Bung Connector & Pins Details: Accuracy: < 1.5°C / 2.7°F Operating Temp: -20C to 150C / -4F to 302F Resistive Range...

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12 Position Potentiometer


Universal 12 Position Trim Pot can be used for virtually any Engine Management System. Used for adjusting ECU setting such as traction control, boost levels, map switching, and more. Included: 12 Position Trim Pot with Flying Lead 2 Brushed Silver...

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AEM Boost Control Solenoid


The go to solution for aftermarket boost control. Included: Boost Control Solenoid 2 X 1/8" NPT to 3/16" Barb Adapter Muffler Details: 12VDC Operating Frequency: 31hz Duty Range: 10 to 90% Max Pressure: 120...

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PLEX SDM-500 (GPS - Optional)

The PLEX SDM-500 has been replaced by the new SDM-550:   The Most Advanced 4.3" Display from PLEX Tuning  Featuring a fully configurable CAN BUS, along with...


The most affordable motorsport quality display of its size The SDM-300® holds a vivid, high-brightness 4.3" TFT display, which combined with the Quick-Glance™ UI allows for the best viewing ergonomics and minimal driver distraction. Including...

PLEX SDM Micro-Display - uSDM-100

A Compact, Complete, and Affordable Package Featuring fully configurable (custom CAN BUS), the PLEX µSDM® series of micro displays are suitable for most after-market ECUs and OBDII (ISO15765). They are the same overall quality and feature the...

AEM PSIg Sensors - Fuel Pressure


30-2130-150 - 150 PSIg Stainless Sensor Kit Accuracy: +/- 0.5% Full Scale over -40C to 105C includes Repeatability, Hysteresis and Linearity Operating Temp: -40C to 105C / -40F to 221F Burst Pressure: 1500PSI Response Time: < 1ms Vibration:100...

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