Spec Race Atom

specracepic.jpgReworked platform, designed and developed by TMI and based off the thoroughbred Ariel Atom 3 production chassis

Building on the incredible worldwide success of the Ariel Atom as an ultra-performance track-day car, the only next logical step is to transform it into a successful competition car.  

With this in mind, a reworked platform has been designed & developed by TMI based off the thoroughbred Ariel Atom 3 production chassis.

The result provides each owner with a safe, durable and highly cost effective spec race/track day car.

Although the Spec:RaceAtom shares its bones with the Atom 3, it includes track-specific features to enhance the driving experience on the circuit.  All SRA cars are identical in every aspect of their manufacture, assembly, equipment specifications, and include model specific features such as a MIG-welded tubular steel chassis and rollbar structure with forward, rearward and cross bracing to prevailing racing standards per SRA weight class, adjustable SRA spec dampers, Race Technology digital race dash 2 and custom switch panel, a custom steering rack, Hoosier tires and a Kirkey aluminum road race seat.

Each SRA car is powered by a Honda K24 i-VTECH naturally aspirated 2.4L engine producing 230bhp and features a Honda Civic Si type 6-speed, h-pattern, full syncro gearbox with limited slip differential. 

Highlights of Spec:RaceAtom ownership:

  • Cost effective operation
  • Lightweight and easy on components such as brakes & tires
  • Fuel efficient – Runs on 93 (or 91) octane pump fuel
  • Proven reliability
  • Quick – proven quick lap times at various tracks across North America
  • Adjustability – change suspension settings easily for various tracks or driver preference
  • Ease of use – Well suited to novice or experienced drivers
  • Fun – An incredibly amazing car to drive....You will not be disappointed.


Spec Race Atom 2019


The Spec Race Atom is no longer in production The Spec Race Atom was a purpose built spec race car based on the Atom platform. It had extreme success during its 8 year production run culminating with the VIR Cup Series specifically for the Spec Race...